Tibetan Bell & Dorje

Tibetan Bell & Dorje

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Tibetan Bell (3.5 inches) and Dorje are used for meditation, sound healing and awareness. The purpose of the 7 metals bell is to awaken you to the present moment. You can hit the bell with a wooden mallet, or you can simply ring it. The dorje is made out of metal (or crystal) and is in the shape of two ovals joined by a smaller ball, with a shaft running through them.

Dorje means thunderbolt in Tibetan. It's also sometimes described as a diamond scepter and is a sacred symbol of wisdom. People use it in meditation, holding it in one hand in a mudra position. The bell and dorje together represent feminine (bell) and masculine (dorje). - Taken from Suren Shrestha's book How to Heal with Singing Bowls. Seven metal bowls are made from gold, silver, iron, mercury, copper, tin and lead. Each metal vibrates to one of our individual energy centers - our chakras.

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