Japanese Singing Bowl for Healing and Meditation (3")

Japanese Singing Bowl for Healing and Meditation (3")

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Japanese Zen Singing Bowl Various Sizes with Striker and Pad is used for sound healing and meditation. These 7 metal singing bowls are some of the finest in the world, created by highly skilled Japanese craftsmen. Singing bowls have been used in Asia for centuries as a means of space clearing or purifying the energy in an environment, as well as relaxing mind. The clear resonant tones of these spun bowls signal the beginning and end of meditation periods.

Imported from Japan, each comes with a cushion and striker. Fine cushions are hand made. Strikers are covered in a brocade. Adjusting the 'chi' in an environment to bring about more positive outcomes can be achieved by many methods. One of the most powerful is through the use of sound.

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