High Desert Sage Smudge Stick (Lg)

High Desert Sage Smudge Stick (Lg)

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High Desert Sage Smudge Large Sticks are 8" and are used for purification of body, mind and spirit. High Desert Sage Smudge is known for its light woodsy herbaceous aroma. Our desert sage grows wild in the high deserts of the Pacific Northwest and cultivated by hand. Among the many species of the Sage plant that grow in different parts of the world, the High Desert Sage and its brother plant, the White Sage are the most famous for their spiritual benefit of cleansing negative energies which accumulated in the surroundings and the astral body. The High Desert Sage Smudge bundle is prepared in an ancient Native American method, where the sage is harvested fresh and then bundled up using a cotton thread. After the stick is prepared it is then hanged or put to dry for a couple of weeks.

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