Custom Organic Zafu Meditation Cushion

Custom Organic Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Our eco-friendly zafu meditation cushion are designed for the evironmentally conscious consumer and can be customized by size, color, fabric, stuffing and removable cushion cover options.

  • Two sizes available 13” x 6”or 15” x 7”
  • Organic or conventional cotton fabric
  • Offered in several colors (see options below)
  • Kapok or Buckwheat hull stuffing
  • Removable cushion options

Learn more about options below:

How to choose stuffing:

Kapok stuffing is a natural product harvested from the Kapok tree.  A traditional material for meditation cushions, kapok stuffing has been used for centuries.  Its cotton-like fiber feels natural and firm.  It can be molded to shape with the hands but may not be as form-fitting at the buckwheat hulls. Because of its firm yet round shape this cushion could also be placed on its side for sitting on your knees. 

Buckwheat hulls are a natural product as well, that easily conforms to the body to accommodate your position.  This pillow is heavier than kapok, and firmer but because of its ability to mold you feel comfortable from day one. Buckwheat is a common choice for those new to meditation.

Both conventional and organic fabric option to choose from:


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