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Custom Organic Zabuton Sitting Cushions (Bottom cushion)

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Zabutons are meditation mats that are placed under a zafu cushion or on its own to provide cushioning for your feet during meditation.  These are similar cushions to what you might see in Asia for floor seating. Zabutons come in three sizes to accommodate portability or extra room for your knees and legs.

Our Zabutons are eco-friendly and can be constructed from all earth-friendly products. They are stuffed with kapok, a soft cotton-like fiber from the Kapok tree, which has been used in tropical climates for centuries as a filling for sitting and sleeping mats. 

Our eco-friendly cushions can be customized by size, color, fabric, stuffing and removable cushion cover options.

  • Three sizes available (25"x31"x2"or 27"x34"x2"or 30"x34"x2")
  • Organic or conventional cotton fabric
  • Offered in several colors (see options below)
  • Removable cushion options

A new cushion may have extra loft when you first remove it from the box. It will compress to about 2 inches with normal use (after about 40 hours).  It’s best to use these on a firm surface.  You may need to occasionally fluff the cushion to provide an even consistency for optimal comfort.


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